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If an Xactimate release includes any major changes, we highlight them here to provide you with updates; to view greater details on these changes (when necessary), select the article links included with each update.

For a complete list of changes that go into each release, please see the release notes on the eService Center. Not all releases are included here.

June 2024

AR Measurements

Users can now obtain accurate measurements of decks, fences, downspouts, and windows through Sketch AR. For more details, see the following articles:

May 2024


This feature for water mitigation claims revolutionizes your Xactimate experience by allowing users with professional licenses to create rebuild estimates within your own instance based on an existing project. This means there is no need to create these estimates yourself; it’s all done for you!

December 2023

Closet capture

Users can now more easily capture closets through the use of Sketch AR. To learn more, see Closets in Sketch AR.

November 2023

Photo archive

We created a photo archive from which users can restore lost or deleted images.

November 2022

Sketch AR updates

We updated ceiling and wall captures and added stair capture.

Sharing photos

Users can now share, download, or export photos that are saved in Xactimate mobile.

August 2022

Third-party pricing 

When you request third-party pricing for line items, our vendors use the latest data and algorithms to provide an accurate price.  

October 2021

Sketch AR update

New features in Sketch AR include floor capture, wall capture, and photos.

Multi-object recognition

You can now identify multiple contents items simply by moving your camera around a room. As the camera identifies objects you will be able to tap on them to add items to your estimate.

April 2021

Lidar mode in Sketch AR

Introducing Sketch AR with Lidar, the Xactimate feature that automatically sketches rooms with your enabled device's camera. It's currently available on the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPad Pro 2020.

November 2020

Sketch AR

Hold onto your tape measure. Sketch AR™ frees you up to make direct-to-sketch measurements from your mobile device and adjust on the fly. Only available with an Xactimate professional or mobile license.

June 2020

Xactimate mobile videos available in XactAnalysis

Video capture is a powerful feature in Xactimate mobile, providing “the big picture” in a way that still images simply can’t. Now you can review those videos directly in XactAnalysis.

Mobile video capture is included with Xactimate Professional. 

December 2019

Xactimate Inspection Tool

With the Xactimate Inspection Tool, you can grant access to the specific functionality your employees need to perform proof of loss and preliminary inspections, and if you have an Xactimate subscription with an online instance, you can add unlimited inspectors for no additional cost.

April 2019

Rotating stairs

We’ve expanded our staircase rotation capabilities in sketch by allowing you to rotate stairs before you place them in the workspace.

Editing replacement value field for contents items

For contents items, instead of manually calculating the unit price before tax, you can now simply enter the retail price with taxes. This will save you valuable time and streamline your workflow.

March 2019

ITEL integration

You can now import Xactimate project information into the ITEL Now App, eliminating duplicate entry. This means that you can view your local project list and select a project within the ITEL Now App, and the data will seamlessly transfer over.

February 2019

Suggested items

Using Vai technology, Xactimate mobile now suggests line items intuitively based on the popularity for item type, location, loss type, and room type, making it faster to find the line items most common to your loss scenario.

Notice that the suggested line items update when the type of loss is changed from Freeze to Flood to Fire.

January 2019

Snap for wall and fence tool

We’ve improved the sketch experience with walls and fences. As your finger gets close to an intersecting wall or fence, your sketch will automatically snap into place.

Roof slope selection

Roof slope selection is now better than ever. You can add line items to a single face or multiple faces. Simply select a roof face, add a line item, and the correct calculation for your selection is automatically provided.

December 2018

Video capture

Take videos in Xactimate mobile to provide “the big picture,” connecting rooms and perspectives in a way that still images simply can’t. With HD video captured in 720p resolution, quality is high enough to extract stills.

November 2018

Custom albums

Photo albums are automatically generated when you create rooms and areas in sketch and list view. We’ve expanded this functionality to include a custom photo album feature so you can add photos to an estimate before creating a sketch.

Item attributes for contents

Select an item (such as a TV), then adjust attributes such as manufacturer size and resolution. Based on your input, Xactimate finds exactly what you need.

"Same as" option for addresses

To help you enter address information quickly, we’ve added a “same as” option that allows you to add repeat addresses to an estimate.

FEMA flood forms

Use an expanded suite of FEMA flood forms for increased control and flexibility so you can work on your FEMA claims wherever and however you need.

October 2018

Note line items

Add notes to an estimate without attaching them to items. This is handy for leaving a more visible note or comment that may apply across large segments of an estimate.

New types of dimensioned stairs

We’ve made sketching and measuring staircases easier by introducing more dimensioning options.

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