Sketch quick reference for Xactimate desktop


You can access the following tools through the Tools ribbon in the Sketch view.



Add a room to the sketch 



Add a roof to the sketch 

Change roof types by pressing the spacebar while the roof tool is active. Press E to add a dormer to the workspace. 



Add a dormer to the sketch 



Shift + D 

Add a deck to the sketch 



Add a doorway to the sketch 


Missing Wall 

Add a missing wall to the sketch 

With the missing wall tool active, select the portion of the existing wall that should be missing. 


Shift + W 

Add a wall to the sketch 

Add individual walls to an existing room or create a room from the individual walls. 


Add a staircase to the sketch 



Ctrl + F 

Add a fence to the sketch 



Add a window to the sketch 


Snap Line 

Add a snap line anywhere within the workspace 



Ctrl + Enter 

Open the Properties window for a selected room or object 

Select a room or object in your sketch before opening the Properties window. 


Use Break to create a wall or roof offset 

With Break active, click along the wall to add the break. Select and drag the appropriate side of the wall to create an offset. You can also click and drag along the line to create an offset in the middle of the wall. 

Flip Horizontal 

Flip a selected object left to right 


Flip Vertical 

Flip a selected object top to bottom 



Rotate a selected object by 90 degrees (default) 

If you change the angle of the rotation in the Tools menu, it changes the rotation for the shortcut as well. 


Change the orientation of an object in the sketch 



Add a vertex point to a wall in the sketch 

With the Vertex tool active, select a point on a wall in the sketch to create a new vertex (or corner). Drag the vertex point (or the adjacent points) to modify the angle of the walls and corner. 


Adjust the scale of a roof in the sketch 

Scale is only available if there is a roof in the active level. 

Flooring Orientation 

Change the orientation of a floor covering in the workspace 

Use Flooring Orientation to set the directionality of the flooring after the flooring line item is placed. 

Reference Block 

Place a reference block in the sketch 


Reference Line 

Place a reference line in the sketch 


Reference Area 

Place a reference area in the sketch 


Reference Point 

Place a reference point in the sketch. 


Copy from Underlay 

Copy a room or object from one Sketch level to another 

This is only available when there is a room or object on the level directly beneath the current one. 

Combine Rooms 

 Ctrl + Shift + C 

Combine selected rooms 

With multiple rooms selected, press Ctrl + Shift + C

Separate Rooms 

 Ctrl + Shift + S 

Separate selected combined rooms 

With combined rooms selected, press Ctrl + Shift + S

Snap to Grid 

 Shift + P 

Snap items to the grid. 

Press Shift + P to enable or disable Snap to Grid. 



The following buttons and keyboard shortcuts allow you to adjust options and other preferences in the Sketch workspace. 


 Keyboard Shortcut 





View and edit preferences for the selected item 




View documented issues and solutions for the selected item 


Flooring Cuts Window 

Shift + Q 

Open the Flooring Cuts window 

This option only becomes available once a flooring line item is added to a room. 

Toggle Calculations 

Toggle calculations on and off 

If you are sketching a large house with plenty of carpet, it will be faster to first draw the house, turn off the auto calculations and then place the carpet. Be aware that you should turn it back on while scoping so your totals are calculated correctly. 

Load Template 


Open the Template List window to add an existing template to the sketch 


Save Template 


Open the Save Template window to create a template from the selected rooms 

Make sure you have the appropriate room(s) selected when you select the tool, and it will create a template out of the selection. 



Import images or templates into the sketch 




Export a level of the sketch in one of multiple formats 



Ctrl + M 

Open the Macros window 

You can create your own macros or use those created by others. Run the macro from the Macros window. 



Specify rounding parameters for measurements 

You can choose between general measurements and roofing measurements. 

Font Size 


Modify the font size for labels and measurements. 


Subgroup Labeling 


Select subgroup labeling options 


Full Screen 

Shift + Enter 

Toggle the full-screen view 

The full-screen view does not take up the entire screen; it removes the Search and Items sections from the view and expands the workspace to fill the space.  

Save View 

Shift + V 

Save the current view of the workspace 


Load View 

 Ctrl + Shift + L 

Open a list of previously saved views 



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