FAQs in Xactimate mobile (iOS)

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Frequently asked questions for iOS

How do I use the Local projects list?

The Local projects list contains the estimates you have downloaded or created. 

  1. Tap a project to view and edit content.
  2. Tap the add icon to create a new project.
  3. Tap the location icon to view the project’s surrounding area.
  4. Tap the cloud icon to upload your project to the cloud.
  5. Swipe left on the project cell to view more options.

How do I check out a project?

  1. Tap the menu icon, select the Cloud list, and then choose All Projects.
  2. Tap the cloud next to your desired project to download it. Once downloaded, it appears in your Local projects list. 

How do I check out a locked project? 

A lock icon indicates that a project is already checked out by you (possibly on another device) or by another user.

If another user checked out the project but you have access rights, you can tap the lock and select Take Ownership. The last saved version of the project will be saved in your Local project list.

To gain access rights, contact your administrator.

How do I upload a project to the Cloud? 

From the projects list, tap the cloud icon next to your project to upload estimates to the cloud.

How do I use List View?

Creating an estimate in List View allows you to bypass the detailed floor plan.

To access List View:

  1. Tap the Estimate tab, then tap the List View icon. To access List View from Sketch, tap the List View icon in the bottom-left corner.
  2. Add levels, rooms, roofs, and items by tapping Add at the base of the screen.
  3. Customize the dimensions and properties and tap Save.
  4. Use the item entry pane to search for and add items.

You can also:

  • Select the menu icon and tap Select Multiple to add items to multiple rooms.
  • Tap an item to review details, notes, and pricing.
  • Tap Add, then Item to search for items, create a macro (bundle of items), select room contents, and find items by room type in reference view.
  • Set List (or Sketch) View as your default estimate view in Settings.

How do I download a price list?

A local price list is automatically downloaded with an estimate.

To request another price list:

  1. On the Required screen, tap Price List, which is located in the Loss Info section.
  2. If the price list you need is not listed, tap the + icon.
  3. Enter the postal code, then tap Done.

How do I use Sketch AR?

  1. In Sketch, tap the room icon.
  2. Tap Sketch AR.
  3. Sketch AR requires permission to use the device’s camera. If prompted, tap OK to grant Xactimate access to the camera.

How do I add line items to a room?

  1. In Sketch, tap the clipboard icon in the top right corner. 
  2. Use the navigation menu at the bottom right to search for items, select room contents, reference room types, and bundle items in macros.

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