Desktop Update Manager

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Instance admins can use the Desktop update manager in Xactimate Admin to control what updates they can download in their instances in Xactimate desktop (X1). 

Here’s a quick overview of the Desktop update manager and what it does. 

  • Automatic updates (recommended). If you would like all updates to be available to your users by default, switch on the Automatically make all updates available toggle. You can switch this toggle off to prevent automatic updates in the future. 
  • Mandatory updates. Just below the update table, you’ll see an exclamation mark (!) followed by Xactware Mandatory Update. Mandatory updates must be installed for Xactimate to run. These updates are also marked by an exclamation mark (!) in the table next to the release’s version number. 
    Mandatory updates are different from Available and Required updates and must be downloaded in X1. 
  • Available updates. If an update is not mandatory, you can choose to release it to your users. You can specify what updates are available by selecting a version number from the dropdown menu directly above the table. That version, along with all previous versions, will have blue check marks next to them in the table. The marks will remain blue until you save your changes, at which point the check marks will turn gray. 
    After all applicable updates have been saved and downloaded, users will receive a notification in X1. 
  • Required updates. You can choose to require any available updates. Check marks under the Required column in the table indicate that your users must install the required update. Unlike mandatory updates, you - not Verisk - choose what updates are required.  
    To require updates, select a version from the Required dropdown menu directly above the table. Only the version you choose will be marked as Required. This check mark will be blue but turn gray once changes are saved.  
  • Version numbers. Version numbers display on the left-hand side of the table. These can help you identify what updates Verisk has released.  
  • Release dates. These dates help you track when updates have been released. 
  • Saving changes. Once you’ve decided what updates should be available or required, click the Save button on the upper-right side of the page. Keep in mind that changes you save here are permanent and updated versions of Xactimate cannot be downgraded. 
    If you decide you’re not ready to make your changes permanent, simply hit Reset instead of Save to start over. The Reset button is not available after you hit Save
  • Release notes. You can find information on new versions by selecting View all release notes directly beneath the update table. This takes you to our eService Center. 

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