Integrating with magicplan

Updated by Heather Jones

Integrating with magicplan allows users to scan rooms with a phone camera, creating an accurate sketch of a room with just a few taps. If you need greater accuracy, you can also connect bluetooth devices to your phone. Users can record 360-degree images of rooms as well as add furniture and other objects to the floorplan. Users can then import all that data into an Xactimate estimate with a few clicks. See Requesting data from third-parties for details on requesting data from magicplan. 

If you would like to integrate magicplan with your Xactimate profile, create an account with magicplan and then contact your account representative to set up your integration. If you encounter difficulties, please contact our support department (see Support and training for Xactimate desktop). 

If you encounter issues in magicplan or have questions regarding their software, please review their help documentation on their website, here: 

If you need additional integration assistance from the magicplan team, you can find more information here: 

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