Capture room measurements with SketchCam in Xactimate mobile for Android

Updated by Heather Jones

  1. Stand a few feet away from a wall and position yourself about midway between the wall's corners. Hold the device in the same position as when you calibrate to ensure the most accurate results.
For instructions on calibrating, see Calibrate your device for SketchCam on a Android device.
  1. Aim the device so the dotted circle in the center of the screen is around the first corner where the floor meets two walls, and then tap the Mark Corner button ().
  2. While maintaining your position, aim the device along the floor to the next corner, and repeat Step 2 with the adjacent corner.
  3. After the first two corners are marked, you can reposition yourself to capture the next wall in the same manner.
  4. When you have recorded each wall and returned to the original corner, , tap the checkmark () to finish and import the measurements into your sketch. Your room automatically appears on the Sketch workspace once SketchCam closes.

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