What alerts are in Xactimate?

Updated by Jill Bowers

Alerts in Xactimate 

Results of ongoing rules inspections appear in the Inspection results drawer on the right side of the estimate or in the inspection window. Here, XactXpert tracks errors, such as missing information and other requirements that are not met, and lets the user know about them via alerts.  


There are three types of alerts: Violations, Warnings, and Cautions. 


Violations are the most serious alert. Violation errors must be resolved before the estimate can be marked Complete. Alerts under Required fields are always Violations. 


Warning alerts deal with similar issues as Violations, but Warnings are typically less severe. You can either fix the cause of the Warning or write a bypass note explaining the missing information or other errors.


Caution alerts do not require any action, and only appear to keep the user informed of the estimate’s progress and suggest changes. 

Note: Cautions stay visible in the estimate, but do not require any activity. 

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