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Online helps: Search for or browse contents within this database to find help on common topics.

Training: Xactware offers a variety of training resources for novice and advanced users, ranging from face-to-face instruction to virtual classrooms and self-paced courses. Visit the Claims Estimate page for training webinars for more details.

Webcasts: Xactware webcasts are designed for the busy professional who doesn’t have an hour, a half hour, or even 20 minutes to spare. Each webcast is condensed, fast-paced, and focused on practical information. Question-and-answer sessions will follow most webcasts. Visit the Claims Estimate page webinars on-demand.

YouTube videos: You can view our short training videos on a variety of Xactimate topics. Visit this training page to find the list of videos or subscribe to our training channel. 

eService Center: In the eService center, you can speak with a customer support specialist 24/7, 363 days a year via online chat for free. You can also access a database with over 1,700 documents, videos, product tips, and more.

Phone support: Xactware customer support specialists are available to take your phone calls to address any Xactware-related issues for an additional fee of $20 per case. Phone support is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Mountain Time Monday - Friday (Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day) at 1-800-710-9228. 

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