X1 Sketch window overview

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In Sketch, you can draw accurate graphical representations of the rooms or buildings being estimated, similar to a floor plan. When you create  a drawing in Sketch, several variables are automatically calculated to save time while scoping an estimate.

View the Sketch window

Open an estimate, and open the Sketch window by navigating to Estimate > Sketch (or using the <Ctrl+K> shortcut).

Additional Resources

Review the following table for descriptions of window elements. (You can review the keyboard shortcuts here: Desktop keyboard shortcuts.)



Title bar

Displays the current project name.

Window controls

Minimizes, restores down, maximizes, and closes the window.

Quick access buttons

Quickly performs functions such as save, print, cut, copy, and paste.

Sketch tabs

Allows access to the different Sketch functions.

Project links

Allows you to view different windows in Sketch, save, and exit.

Sketch ribbon

Displays all the functions needed to create and annotate a sketch.

Sketch workspace

Displays the sketch currently being worked on.

Search tab

Displays the various ways to search for price list items.

Images tab

Displays images added to the estimate through the Digital Images window. You can add images to the Sketch workspace as a reference or an underlay.

Sketch list

Displays a list of the sketches for the current estimate and provides the options to add, delete, rename, or view sketches.

Sketch levels

Displays the levels for the current sketch and gives the option to add or delete a level.

View settings

Contains options for viewing information such as measurements, footing, framing, annotations, and underlays on the Sketch workspace.

Sketch viewing Tools

Allows you to change the zoom and switch between views (floor plan, elevation and 3D).

Items list

Displays the current estimate items for the selected room.

Status bar

Displays information about the current estimate, including profile name, status, and current grand total.  Also displays links to the inspection tool and the Summary totals report.

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