Requesting data from third-parties

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Note: Some vendors require that requests be made only through assignments from XactAnalysis.

Xactimate integrates with multiple third parties that provide the sketch of a property along with accompanying photos and reports. Xactimate users with third-party integrations enabled can send a request for data and have it automatically imported to a project. Xactimate applies Verisk price lists to ensure that the pricing for the claim is accurate.

Getting set up

To enable a third-party integration in Xactimate, you must first create an account with the desired third party. The third party then notifies Xactimate when your account is ready for integration. You can also reach out to Xactware customer support or your account representative to verify the integration once you have created the third-party account.

Requesting third-party data

To initiate a third-party data request, complete the following:

  1. Ensure that the project has a property address, claim representative, and claim number already included.
  2. Open the Local project list.
  3. Select (but do not open) the appropriate project(s).
  4. In the right-hand navigation bar that appears, select the Request data icon () The Request Data page opens.
  5. Select New Order, if not already selected.
  6. Select NEXT. The request opens in a browser window, so be sure you check other screens, if necessary.
  7. Log in with your Xactware ID if prompted.
  8. Select the tile for the appropriate provider. This opens a dropdown menu with the available services.
  9. Select the appropriate service for your request.
  10. Fill in any missing information and ensure all the information is correct.
  11. Select Submit.

Importing third-party data

When the third-party data is ready, you receive a notification in Xactimate or by email. To import the third-party data, complete the following:

  1. Open the corresponding Xactimate project.
Note: If the project is already open, you must close and open it again in order to import the data.
  1. Navigate to Estimate > Sketch.
  2. Select the Import icon () in the upper-left corner of the Sketch workspace.
  3. In the Import Selection window, select the third-party data and then select Import.
Note: You can have Xactimate align the imported data with the Sketch grid by ensuring Align to Grid is selected when you choose Import. 

Additional data

  • Any included photos appear in the Photos tab.
  • Any included PDF documents appear under Documents > Reports > Documents > Attached Docs.

Once you import the data, you can complete the project as usual.

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