Add sink items and finish the kitchen

Updated by Jill Bowers

1.       The sink and the faucet must be removed, cleaned, and put back when the counter is replaced. To add the sink cleaning item, load NETÉVDR and click the North counter opposite the window.

2.       The sink will have to be removed and put back. To add this to the Sketch, load NETÉVDR and right-click the North counter.

3.       In the Add Item dialog box, set the Act field to R Detach and Reinstall. Click OK.

4.       Place the sink graphic on the North counter.

5.       Repeat Steps 2 to 4 for the faucet (PLBROB) and place it on the sink.

6.       To fix the small hole in the drywall, load PCPRAPP.

7.       Click near the wall between the Kitchen and the Living Room.

8.       To remove the deformed underlay and replace it, load RPVSF1/2 and click inside the Kitchen.

9.       To replace the vinyl flooring, load RPVMOY and right-click in the Kitchen.

10.   Change the Act field to + Replace. We don’t need to estimate removal and replacement for this item, as the cost of removal is covered when the underlay is torn.

11.   Click inside the Kitchen to place the vinyl floor covering item.

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