What is the cloud?

This article is for the new version of Xactimate. If you are using Xactimate version 28, please see the topic Back up your data.

Xactimate allows you to transfer project and data files several different ways. Most data transfer is done via the cloud.

The Xactware cloud is a set of applications, platforms, infrastructure, highly secure data storage solutions, and user interfaces that enable Xactware to deliver its solutions over the Internet. 

Xactware transfers data as either a complete platform or as separate components based on our customers' demands and preferences. 

After a claim is sent from Xactimate to the cloud, you can access the claim from any of your devices as long as they are connected to the cloud. No matter where you are, or what device you are working on, your work is always updated on all of your devices via the Xactware cloud.

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