Add construction line items in X1

Sketch includes several macros that make adding construction line items to the estimate quick and easy. 

To add construction:

  1. Open an estimate.
  2. On the Sketch tab, double-click a structure, such as a room or a roof, to open the Properties dialog box.
  3. Under Construction, select a construction option. Available options vary by structure and preferences.
    1. Floor: None, framed, or concrete
    2. Footing: None, yes
    3. Wall: None, framed, concrete, CMU
    4. Roof: None, stick, truss
    5. Roof wall: None, framed
    6. Staircase framing: None, framed
    7. Deck: None, framed
    8. Deck footing/post: None, framed
    9. Railing: None, yes
    10. Fence Construction: None, construction
  4. Once you set your options, other groups may appear, allowing you to fine-tune the construction settings. For example, if you select concrete for floor construction, a concrete group appears below, allowing you to indicate slab thickness and whether or not the slab is reinforced.
  5. Click anywhere in the Sketch workspace to save you changes.
  6. Construction line items will be added to the estimate.

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