Review CAT/SEL

We suggest that Inventory items added under a Contents coverage have a category and selector assigned before you complete the estimate. On the Contents Cat/Sel Review page you can view all MISC contents items and specify the exact category and selector codes for each item.

XactContents automatically suggests a category and selector based on the item description and the descriptions of possible general quote items.

Approve category and selector

  1. In the XactContents tab, click Cat/Sel Review.
  2. Click Approve next to the item.

To approve the suggested category and selector for all items follow the steps below:

  1. Click Auto-Suggest.
  2. Click Approve All Auto-Suggested Items.

To approve multiple but not all items follow the steps below:

  1. Select the items to approve. Hold down Shift to select consecutive items. Hold down CTRL to select non-consecutive items.
  2. Click Auto-Suggest.
  3. Click Approve All Selected.

Change category and selector

  1. Click the Approve arrow.
  2. Click the correct general quote item.

You can also click in the Category or Selector fields and manually enter the correct category and/or selector.

When you exit the Cat/Sel Review page, all approved items are updated with the approved category, selector, and corresponding life expectancy and removed from the list. You can also remove them by clicking Auto-Suggest and then Update List.  If you do not add correct selector codes for all contents items, you can view the Contents Cat/Sel Review page again at any point during the estimating process.

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