FAQs for XactXpert in Xactimate Admin

Updated by Jill Bowers

What is the difference between Process rules, Profile rules, Instace rules, and Verisk rules?  

  • Process rules – Process rules are similar to profile rules in that they are made by customers or were custom-made for our clients, but these rules run in the background, so users do not see them. Information about Process rules is only available in the Scorecard report in XactAnalysis.  
  • Profile rules – Profile rules are custom-made for individual profiles.  
  • Verisk rules – Verisk rules function as a library. The rules here are available to all profile owners and instance admins in Xactimate Admin.  
  • Instance rules – Instance rules are custom-made for instances.  
  • Do rules run at the profile or instance level? You can run the rules at both or either the profile or instance level.  
  • How do I request a new rule? You can request a new rule through your Verisk Administrator. Your administrator then reaches out to the product team and notifies them of your request.  

What is the difference between an estimate rule and group rule?  

  • Estimate rules check the entire estimate for important information, including accuracy, incomplete fields, and other insights.  
  • Group rules check against rule requirements only inside of a group, such as rooms and roofs, instead of an entire estimate. Group rules trigger any time any group meets the rule requirements.  

What does “Only run on complete” mean? If you select the Only run on complete checkbox, your estimate will only be checked for errors right before you mark the estimate as Complete. If you don’t select the Only run on complete checkbox, your estimate is checked frequently throughout the project. 

I can’t get XactXpert to work in Xactimate. What do I need to do? If XactXpert is not working in Xactimate, make sure the following tasks have been completed: 

  • Verisk’s product teams have activated XactXpert for your profile or instance in both Xactimate Admin and Xactimate. If you’re unsure if this has been done, contact your Verisk Administrator. 
  • Inspection rules have been replaced by XactXpert in Xactimate. 
  • If applicable, your rules have been exported from the beta environment and imported into prod. 

If XactXpert is still not active in Xactimate, contact your Verisk administrator. 

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