Edit line items using the Quick Entry pane in X1

Updated 2 years ago by Rachel Wilson

Use the Quick entry pane to customize existing line item settings. Each change you make in the Quick entry pane will affect the final calculation of your line item. 

To find the Quick entry pane:

  1. Open an estimate, and select the Estimate items tab. 
  2. Select the Items tab. 
  3. The Quick entry pane should be located near the center of the screen. If it does not appear, click here.

To edit line items using the Quick entry pane:

  • Use the Cat list to view or change the way line items are organized into material and labor categories (e.g. painting or roofing).
  • Use the Sel list to view or change the unique selector assigned to a line item. 
  • Use the Act list to select the action you want to use to calculate a line item (e.g. replace). The available actions depend on the line item selected. 
  • Use the Desc line to view or edit the description of a line item. To learn how to view a more detailed description, click here.
  • Use the Calc line to view or adjust a line item quantity, unit measure, and unit price. To learn how to change the calculation of an item by quantity, unit, or price, click here.
  • Use the Depr line to view or adjust the depreciation information and calculation. To learn how to adjust depreciation calculations, click here.

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