Sketch quick reference


The following ribbon buttons and keyboard shortcuts can be accessed from the Tools tab in Sketch, allowing you to place and modify objects in the Sketch Workspace.

Ribbon ButtonKeyboard ShortcutNameDescription
RRoomClick to add a room to your sketch.
FRoofClick to add a roof to your sketch. You can change roof types by pressing Spacebar with the roof tool in the cursor. Pressing E adds a dormer to the Sketch Workspace.
 EDormerPress E to add a dormer to your sketch.
Shift + DDeckClick to add a deck to your sketch.
DDoorwayClick to add a doorway to your sketch.
MMissing WallClick the Missing Wall button and click a wall to make it a Missing Wall.
Shift + WWallClick to add partial walls to an existing room, to create a room by connecting individual walls, or to divide a room.
CStaircaseClick to add a staircase to your sketch.
Ctrl + FFenceClick to add a fence to your sketch.
WWindowClick to add a window to your sketch.
SSnap LineClick to create a snap line anywhere within your Sketch Workspace.
Ctrl + EnterPropertiesSelect a room or object in your sketch. Click Properties to open the Properties window for the room or object that you selected.
BBreakClick Break. Then click a wall in your sketch. Click and drag the wall to create an offset.
[Flip HorizontalClick to flip a selected object from side to side.
]Flip VerticalClick to flip a selected object from top to bottom.
QRotateClick to rotate the selected object by 90 degrees (default).
NOrientationClick to change the orientation of an object after placing it in your sketch.
VVertexClick the Vertex button, and then a wall in your sketch. Drag the vertex point to create a hinge in the wall.
GScaleClick to adjust the scale of a roof in the Sketch Workspace. The Scale button is only available if there is a roof in the current Sketch Level.
\Flooring OrientationClick the Flooring Orientation button to select the direction to lay the floor covering after it has been placed on the Sketch Workspace.
OReference BlockClick to place a reference block in your sketch.
LReference LineClick to place a reference line in your sketch.
AReference AreaClick to place a reference area in your sketch.
PReference PointClick to place a reference point in your sketch.
UCopy from UnderlayClick copy a room or object from one Sketch Level to another Sketch Level. The Copy from Underlay button is available when there is a room or object on a Sketch Level directly beneath the current Sketch Level.
 Ctrl + Shift + CCombine RoomsSelect multiple rooms in the Sketch Workspace, and then press Ctrl+Shift+C to combine the rooms.
 Ctrl + Shift + SSeparate RoomsSelect combined rooms in the Sketch Workspace and press Ctrl+Shift+S to separate them.
 Shift + PSnap to GridPress Shift+P to enable/disable the snap to grid tool.



The following buttons and keyboard shortcuts can be accessed from the Options tab in Sketch, allowing you to adjust options and other preferences in the Sketch Workspace.

Ribbon ButtonKeyboard ShortcutNameDescription
 PreferencesClick to open the Sketch Preferences window for the current estimate.
 InspectClick to open the Sketch Inspections window.
Shift + QShow Flooring CutsClick to open the Flooring Cuts window.
JToggle CalculationsClick toggle the calculations. Note: If you are sketching a large house with plenty of carpet it will be faster to first draw the house, turn off the auto calculations and then place the carpet.
 Load TemplateClick to display the Sketch Templates that have been created and saved.
 Save TemplateClick to save your sketch as a template to use with future estimates.
 ImportClick to select from a list of importing options.
 ExportClick to select from a list of exporting options.
Ctrl + MMacrosClick to open the Macros window.
 MeasurementsClick to select from a list of measurement rounding options for general measurement rounding, or roof measurement rounding.
 Font SizeClick to select from a list of font size options for labels and measurements.
 Subgroup LabelingClick to select subgroup labeling options
 Visible WindowsClick to select which windows are visible in Sketch.
Shift + VSave ViewClick to save the current view of the Sketch Workspace.
 Load ViewClick to see a list of previously used views.


Aerial Sketch

The following buttons and keyboard shortcuts can be accessed from the Aerial Sketch tab in Sketch, allowing you to define edges, ridges, valleys, and faces of a roof, using aerial images as a guide.

Ribbon ButtonKeyboard ShortcutNameDescription
OCrop ImageClick to remove areas of the photo that are not needed. The roof will also be auto rotated. Crop Image is only available when an image is set as an underlay.
IFind Interior LinesClick to view the proposed line in the Sketch Workspace when you hover over an interior line where two non-edge lines meet. Click the mouse button to add the interior line.
MFind Perimeter LinesClick to view proposed edge lines for the perimeter of the roof in the cropped image. Click the mouse button to add the perimeter lines.
 Draw LinesClick to begin manually drawing the roof lines.
 AAutoAuto is the default selection for Draw Lines. This automatically determines the type of roof line when manually drawing him lines.
 EEdgeUse Draw Edge to draw the perimeter edges of a roof. Edges are designated with green lines.
 RFlat RidgeUse Draw Flat Ridge to draw the flat ridges of the roof. Flat ridges are designated with blue lines.
 YValleyUse Draw Valley to draw the valleys of the roof. Valleys are designated with red lines.
 PHip RidgeUse Hip Ridge to draw the hip ridges of the roof. Hip ridges are designated with purple lines.
CCreate FacesUse Create Faces to identify enclosed areas as faces.
 Set SlopeClick to enter Slope mode.
FCreate Sketch RoofsClick to create the roof after the faces have been identified.
 ResetClick in slope mode to revert all changes made in slope mode.
 Exit Slope ModeClick to leave Slope mode and return to the Aerial Sketch tab.
BBreakClick Break. Then click the desired roof line in the Aerial Sketch. Click and drag the roof line to create an offset.
QRotateClick to rotate the image to align with the horizontal or vertical axis.
VVertexClick Vertex. Then click the desired roof line to add a vertex point. Click and drag the vertex point to create a hinge in the roof line.
NOrientationClick set the direction of the slope of the roof faces.
 Download Aerial ImagesClick to open the Xactimate-Aerial Sketch window. After registering or logging in, you can download Aerial images.
 Import ImagesClick to import existing images to Aerial Sketch.



The following buttons and keyboard shortcuts can be accessed from the Annotation tab in Sketch, allowing you to add an annotation layer to your sketch. The annotation layer can be enabled/disabled by click View and Selecting Annotations.

Ribbon ButtonKeyboard ShortcutNameDescription
TTextClick to add text to your sketch.
/ArrowClick to draw an arrow on your sketch.
0EllipseClick to draw an ellipse on your sketch.
|LineClick to draw a line on your sketch.
Shift + RRectangleClick to draw a rectangle on your sketch.
Shift + IFillClick to fill an ellipse or rectangle with a color.
 Fill ColorClick to select a color for the fill.
 Line WidthClick to select the line width to use for drawing annotations.
 Line ColorClick to select the color for drawing annotations.


Sketch Viewing Tools

The following buttons and keyboard shortcuts change the appearance of your sketch, but they don't affect the estimate itself.

Ribbon ButtonKeyboard ShortcutNameDescription
 ViewClick to see a list of view settings for the Sketch Workspace. The following settings can be turned off or on.
 Shift + LLabelsEnable/disable label visibility.
  Measurement locksEnable/disable roof measurement lock visibility.
 Shift + MMeasurementsEnable/disable measurement visibility.
  Roof AnnotationsEnable/disable roof annotation visibility.
  LayersEnable/disable visibility for various layers in the Sketch Workspace.
 Ctrl + Alt + BBearing WallEnable/disable load bearing wall visibility.
 Ctrl + Shift + OFlooring OverlayEnable/disable flooring overlay visibility.
  FootingsEnable/disable footing visibility.
 Ctrl + Shift + FFramingEnable/disable framing visibility.
  AnnotationsEnable/disable annotation visibility.
 Shift + GGridEnable/disable grid visibility.
 Shift + UImported UnderlayEnable/disable imported underlay.
 Shift + OOutlineEnable/disable outline visibility.
  Rooms Below StairsEnable/disable visibility for the rooms below the stairs.
  Tip BoxEnable/disable the tip box.
 Shift + CCeiling SurfaceEnable/disable visibility for ceiling surfaces in 3D viewing mode.
  LegendEnable/disable the legend on the Sketch Workspace.
  3D GridEnable/disable grid visibility in 3-D viewing mode.
Space (or) HPan ToolClick to move a drawing or object.
 ZZoomClick to activate a zoom cursor. Click the Sketch Workspace to zoom in, or Shift + click the Sketch Workspace to zoom out.
-Zoom OutClick to zoom out.
+Zoom InClick to zoom in.
Ctrl (+) -Zoom to ExtantsClick view your entire sketch.
Ctrl (+) +Zoom to SelectionClick to show the entire selected portion of your sketch.
1Plan ViewClick to see the floor plan view. This is the default Sketch view.
2Elevation ViewClick to view the elevation of a desired vertical surface.
33-D ViewClick to see a 3-D rendering of your sketch.
SpacebarStudy ModeClick Study Mode. Then click and drag the Sketch to view all angles of your Sketch drawing. This is only available in 3-D View.
KWalk-through ModeClick to see a 3-D view of your sketch as if you were walking through it. Use the arrow keys to move around.  This is only available in 3-D View.
Shift + [1-9]Select ViewClick to see a list of 3-D views. This is only available in 3-D view
Shift + FView Other SideClick to see the other side of a wall that has been selected in Elevation View.
 Shift + HHigh Detail ViewPress Shift+H to change the 3-D view to high detail.
 Shift + ESuper Detail ViewPress Shift+E to change the 3-D view to super detail.
 Shift + NNormal ViewPress Shift+N to change the 3-D view to normal detail.
 Ctrl + Shift + LLoad View ListPress Ctrl+Shift+L to open the View List window.
 Shift + VSave Current ViewPress Shift+V to save the current view.
Shift + QFlooring CutsPress Shift+Q to open the Flooring Cuts window.
 Ctrl + Page UpView Level AbovePress Ctrl+PageUp to view the level above in the sketch workspace.
 Ctrl + Page DownView Level BelowPress Ctrl+PageDown to view the level below in the sketch workspace.


Miscellaneous Sketch Tools

Ribbon ButtonKeyboard ShortcutNameDescription
EscSelectClick to clear your cursor.
Ctrl + ZUndoClick to undo your last change.
Ctrl + CCopyClick to copy selected items or objects to the clipboard.
Ctrl + XCutClick to remove selected items from your sketch and place them on the clipboard.
Ctrl + VPasteClick to paste items or objects on the clipboard to your sketch.
 Minimize/Expand the RibbonClick to make the buttons on the ribbon smaller / larger.
 CtrlCtrlHolding Ctrl keeps an object active in your cursor.
 ShiftShiftHolding Shift constrains an active cursor object. This is similar to the Ctrl button.
 SpacebarMove Object or Move Object NamePress Spacebar while the pointer is over an object move handle, to switch between moving an object and moving its label.
 TabRotatePress Tab to rotate an object 90 degrees clockwise.
 Shift + TabRotatePress Shift+Tab to rotate an object 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
 Shift + SpacebarToggle ViewsPress Shift+Space to switch between 3-D and Plan views.
 F1Xactimate HelpPress F1 to open Xactimate Help.
 F2RenamePress F2 to rename a selected object.
 Ctrl + TView Summary Totals ReportPress Ctrl+T to view the Summary Totals Report.
 Ctrl + Shift + RReset Window layoutPress Ctrl+Shift+R to reset the window layout.
 Ctrl + Shift + 1SearchPress Ctrl+Shift+1 to view the Search pane.
 Ctrl + Shift + 2ItemsPress Ctrl+Shift+2 to view the Items pane.
 Ctrl + Shift + 4ImagesPress Ctrl+Shift+4 to view the Images pane.
 InsertAdd Line ItemPress Insert to open the Add Line Item window.

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