Add an upgrade item to a scenario in X1

Updated 2 years ago by Rachel Wilson

  1. Open an estimate.
  2. Click the Estimate items tab, and right-click an item below the Quick entry pane.
  3. Click Item edit options, and select Item scenario. The Item scenario dialog box opens.
  4. Select the Upgrade (add item) circle.
  5. Select an option in the Applies to section:
    1. Click Report time only if you only want to view the cost difference for the item on an estimate report.
    2. Click Permanent & report if you want to add the item as an upgrade.
  6. If needed, enter a Scenario name or select a scenario you already crated by clicking the drop down menu.
  7. Click OK. The Note icon will have a little number next to it, indicating the upgrade was successful.

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