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The Loss recap breaks down losses by type of coverage. 

To view the Loss recap:

  1. Open an estimate, and select the Claim Info tab.
  2. Click the Loss recap tab.

For each type of coverage, you can view the:

  • Replacement cost loss: The cost to repair or replace lost or damaged property, without depreciation, deterioration, or obsolescence.
  • Recoverable depreciation: The depreciation amount that is paid back to the homeowner when the item has been replaced or repaired.
  • Non-recover depreciation: The depreciation amount that is permanently deducted from the amount the insured receives for the loss.
  • ACV loss: Equal to the replacement cost minus applicable depreciation.
  • Deductible applied: Deductible amount applied to each coverage.
  • Insur. carried req %: The ratio of insurance coverage to the value of the property insured.
  • ACV claim: Equal to the replacement cost minus applicable depreciation and the deductible.
  • Potential supp. claim: The value withheld by the insurance company until the item has been repaired or replaced.
  • RC claim: The ACV plus the Potential Supp. Claim.
  • Valuation - RCV & ACV: Used when a valuation is attached to your assignment.

When the Auto update from estimate box is checked, the values automatically update when the estimate has changed.

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