Add or edit a coverage type in Xactimate desktop

To add a Coverage type:

  1. Open an estimate.
  2. On the Claim Info tab, click Coverage/Loss.
  3. In the Coverages group, click Add Coverage. An empty line is added to your list of Coverages.
  4. Click the empty space in the Coverage column, and click SmartList to open the Coverages dialog box.
  5. Select a Coverage, or create a new coverage by clicking Add to open the Add coverage info dialog box.
  6. Type a name for the coverage, and select a type.
  7. Select Save to estimate only to make the new coverage available for only this estimate. Click OK.

To edit a Coverage Type:

  1. Select a Coverage.
  2. In the Policy limit column, enter an amount.
  3. In the Apply to column, select R/C (replacement cost), ACV (actual cash value), or Both.
  4. Enter an insurance to value (ITV) percentage and a Claims reserve amount.

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