Create a FEMA flood project

Updated 2 years ago by James F

Xactimate’s flood-loss estimating workflow can save you significant time when preparing flood-loss claims for the United States’ National Flood Insurance Program. While the workflow is similar to that of a traditional Xactimate estimate, the settings are altered to accommodate NFIP requirements.

Contact your Xactware sales representative to add the flood-loss estimating workflow.

  1. On the project dashboard, click the Create New Project plus icon.
  2. Type a project name, and select a profile.
  3. In the Type list, select FEMA Flood.
  4. Click OK.

Enter flood coverages

With flood policy coverage, limits are set and a deductible is applied according to NFIP policy. 

Coverage is entered normally. 

Detached garage limits and loss avoidance coverage limits are set automatically.

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