Xactimate free trial

Updated by Heather Jones

There are no discount codes for Xactimate, but you can try Xactimate free for 30 days to see for yourself the power and versatility the tool offers (from the Xactware website, navigate to Products > Xactimate > Xactimate desktop > Order Xactimate desktop to find the demo). You have the full functionality of Xactimate during these 30 days, including the ability to store data in the cloud and sync data and projects across multiple devices. 

The free trial, however, does not include the additional functionality from combining our software tools. This includes the following: 

  • XactAnalysis: send and receive assignments between administrative and individual accounts within a company. 
  • ClaimXperience: collaborate with the insured via chat, photos, and video. 
  • XactContents: estimate the cost of replacing personal contents such as furniture, decorations, and clothing. 
  • ContentsTrack: record the condition of property contents, quickly sort items for storage, cleaning, etc., and track everything you have recorded within Xactiamte. 
  • Benchmark: Use weather data to quickly determine the validity of hail-, wind-, and lightning-related claims 
  • Restoration Manager: manage your restoration projects with all your documents in one place, and track progress and task completion. 

If you would like access to any or all of these additional tools, you can order Xactimate Professional from the website here: https://www.xactware.com/store/PRODUCTS/Xactimate/Subscribe/Xactimate-Professional-Subscription/2-465.do 

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