What features are available in the Xactimate demo?

Updated 3 years ago by Rachel Wilson

The Xactimate demo

Our professional demo provides free access to Xactimate desktop, mobile, and online for 30 days. 

Our demo allows you to:

  • Automatically sync data and projects across devices
  • Store projects in the Cloud
  • Enjoy compatibility with Xactimate desktop version 28
  • Always have the latest software updates
  • And more

The Xactimate desktop demo does not include:

  • Data Transfer
  • Complete and Send
  • Payment Tracker
  • Valid reports: every page will include a "NOT A VALID ESTIMATE" watermark

Accessing data after your 30-day demo period requires a paid subscription.

NOTE: You may incur charges by sending/receiving assignment work or making in-app orders including, but not limited to, data packages, Benchmark reports, or other third-party services. 

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