Add and delete users in Xactimate Admin

Updated by Jill Bowers

Add users 

Adding users is now faster and easier than ever. Using Xactimate Admin, you can assign users to instances by following the steps below. 

  1. Login to Xactimate Admin with your Xactware ID.  
  2. If you have more than one instance, choose the one you want to work on. Simply click the instance to open it. 
  3. You can view the license information for your instance in the gray box above the Users list. 
  4. Below the license information box is a table that lists all of the users in the selected instance. Click the Add User button, which is above the table on the right side. 
  5. A form will appear on the right side of the screen asking for information about the user you want to add. 
  6. Enter the user’s email address. As you do, the user code field directly beneath the email field will auto-populate. You may change the code if needed. 
  7. Select the user’s license type and assign them to a security group. 
  8. Click “Send Invite.”

Delete users 

Xactimate Admin also lets you delete users. When you do this, you are only removing users from your instance - you cannot delete the user’s Xactimate account altogether. 

  1. From the Instances page, select the Users tab. 
  2. If you hover over a user row in the table, a trash icon will appear on the far-right side of the row. You can click the trash icon to delete the user. 

You can also delete users through the information form.

  1. Select a user from the table by clicking their corresponding row. A new window with the user’s information will appear.  
  2. Hit the Delete User button at the bottom of the user information window. 

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