FAQs about the new Xactimate online

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The new 64-bit Xactimate online has many new features that make estimating easier and more efficient. The onboarding process is nothing to be afraid of – many of the features that users have worked with in the old Xactimate online are still available in the new Xactimate online, along with other new features that make the estimating process simpler and more powerful than ever. 

Why do I want to use the new Xactimate online? 

The new Xactimate online has been rebuilt from the ground up with 64-bit technology, making this program faster and more powerful. This new platform is compatible with the most popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Xactimate online's key features, like creating projects, duplicating and copying projects, and more are still available, plus you get the added bonus of new features like easily switching between instances and Xactware products. It also offers a new and improved design to give users a better estimating experience. 

How do I log in to Xactimate online?  

Visit Xactimate.com/xor and use your existing login credentials. 

How do I open an estimate in Xactimate online?  

After you sign into Xactimate online, a list of projects appears. Double click the row of the project to open it or single click the project and select the Open icon. This opens your project in the Online Estimate Writer.  

You must install Xactware ClickOnce browser extension to open and edit projects in the new Xactimate online. 

How do I update Xactimate online Estimate Writer? 

Xactimate online Estimate Writer automatically updates when new versions are available. While updating, the dialog box shows the total size of the install files, it does not display files that have not changed. 

Click here to learn how to install Xactimate online Estimate Writer. 

What settings do I manage in Xactimate Admin versus Xactimate online?  

Individual user settings like project defaults, default claim rep, etc. are found in Xactimate online. Settings and other changes which apply to all users in the instance are made in Xactimate Admin. 

Where is the connect button? Is there a sync option?  

Just like in Xactimate desktop, the new Xactimate online is built to automatically accept and transfer objects and information, so there is no need to manually connect. 

Will Xactimate online be available for Mac computers?  

To utilize all the tools in Xactimate online a Windows operating system is required. Mac is not supported at this time.  

To use Xactimate Admin on a Mac, we recommend using Chrome browser. 

How does searching with XactContents online differ from searching in X1? 

The search features are the same. Xactimate desktop and XactContents online both search the same databases and have similar tools. 

Can my estimate time out?  

Yes. After a period of inactivity, your account will time out. You will be unable to continue work on your estimate until you sign back in to Xactimate online.   

How do I switch what Xactware product I'm using? 

Select the product icon - which looks like a small group of boxes - to the left of the account icon. This will open shortcuts to different Xactware products, making it easier to maneuver between products without having to repeatedly sign in. 

How do I switch instances? 

Select the My Account icon on the top-right corner of the webpage. Right above the log out button is a dropdown list of instances available to you. Select the instance you need, and it will load automatically. There's no need to log in or out. 

How is searching different in the new Xactimate online? 

The new Xactimate online's filter is easier to configure and use, and our search history can help you find information quickly by making recent searches easily accessible. 

I've downloaded the ClickOnce browser extension, so why can't I open the Xactimate online Estimate Writer?

If you block third-party cookies and pop-ups, the online Estimate Writer is not allowed to open. You must change this setting in your browser to access the rest of Xactimate online.

Where can I find the system requirements for the new Xactimate online?

For system requirements and other important information about Xactimate online, visit the Xactware website.

Does the old Xactimate online share any features with the new Xactimate online? 

The new Xactimate online is faster and better than ever, but the best parts of the old Xactimate online have not been forgotten. The following features are available in both the new and old versions of Xactimate: 

Available in the new and old Xactimate online: 

  • Create/edit/delete projects 
  • Assignment workflow 
  • Autosave 
  • Sketch 
  • Photos 
  • FEMA projects 
  • Copy projects 
  • Video collaboration 

As we continue to build the new Xactimate online, more features will be added. These include: 

  • Roof and Property Requests
  • 360 Valuations
  • Export Inventory to Excel
  • Import/Export Projects
  • User Sketch Preferences

Our new Xactimate Admin is also continuing to grow with new features, which include:  

  • Depreciation defaults 
  • Custom depreciation schedule (for profile owners only) 
  • Bulk user import
  • Material discounts

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