Calibrate your device for SketchCam

Updated by Heather Jones

Before you can use SketchCam, you need to calibrate your device. For best results, your device should be calibrated before using SketchCam for the first time, and then about once a week.

  1. Stand at the mid-point of the wall, a few feet away from the wall. Face it so you can easily see both corners.
  2. Using a tape measure, measure the floor from where you are standing to the base of the wall directly in front of you.
  3. Tap , and then tap Calibrate.
  4. Enter the dimension, and then tap OK. (Use one of the following formats for the dimension: 7’ 3”, 87”, or 7 3.)
  5. Standing in the same place as when you measured, aim the device at the base of the wall in front of you, and then tap . The device is calibrated.

When you calibrate the device, SketchCam not only takes the tape measurement into account, it also calculates the height of the device, so it’s important to hold the device in the same position when you are measuring.

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