Major update to XactContents online

Updated by Jill Bowers

To improve users’ experience with XactContents online, we are transitioning technology from Silverlight to React. This allows us to implement innovative strategies both behind the scenes and in the product itself. This update uses the same instances we use today. There is no need to migrate data, users, or projects. When the update is complete, XactContents will be easier to use, faster to navigate and load, and supported by Chrome, Edge, and FireFox. 

The Online Estimate Writer, which is available for Windows users, is powered by code found in the desktop version of Xactimate. Following a simple setup process, online users can open projects, add line items, and much more. When users finish their work, projects are automatically saved to XactContents online. 


In our single sign-in page, enter the email address you used to make your account, and then click Next. On the following page, enter your password and click Log In. 

This opens XactContents online and takes you to the projects page. 


In the upper-right corner of the projects page is a gray bell icon.

This is where you can find notifications. You may receive notifications about a variety of things, including project updates, receipts, inventory, pricing tasks, and more. A red dot next to the bell indicates that new notifications are ready for your review. 

To see notifications, simply click on the bell icon. You can click on individual notifications as you review them to remove them from your list. To clear all notifications at once, click the three slanted lines at the top right of the notifications window. You can also see a history of your notifications by clicking the clock icon which is to the left of the Clear All icon. 


The Projects page displays a list of estimates associated with your instance. By default, these projects are organized in alphabetical order by name. If you’d prefer, you can arrange your projects by claim number, profile, owner, estimate total, or modified date. Simply click the corresponding column headers on the table to arrange your list.

You can open a project by double clicking it or by selecting a project’s row. On the right of the screen, a light blue bar appears with an Open icon at the top. Click the Open icon. If this is the first time you open a project in the new XactContents online, you must install the Online Estimate Writer. 

To learn more about XactContents online, visit the Xactware website.

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