Search for products outside of a project

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  1. Click Search.
  2. Enter the address or select  Use Current Location. The address is needed to populate prices from local suppliers. This will not affect the results of the online suppliers.
  3. Select a distance. This limits search results to online suppliers and local suppliers within the selected distance.
  4. Click Save. The search results will load automatically.
  5. You can change the address later by clicking  Edit next to the entered address.
  6. Choose a type: Material, Equipment, or Contents.
  7. Enter keywords for the product. You can search for as many key words or phrases as needed by pressing Enter after each term.
  8. If you search for an Xactware item code, you will need to select the item from the drop-down menu that generates as you type. You can enter as many words as you need in the keyword search.
  9. Select the item you want to add to your shopping list.
  10. Select the project in the top right corner of the product window. The last project you worked in will automatically be selected.
  11. Change the quantity as needed.
  12. Click Add

The item is now available in the shopping list of the selected project.

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