Adjust labor minimums in Xactimate online

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Apply labor minimums in Xactimate online

Labor minimums, or the cost of work associated with certain line items, automatically appear in the Labor Minimums tab in open estimates. This page includes information on what impacts labor minimums.

  • The Base Amount is the standard minimum charge of labor.
  • The Adjusted Amount is the base amount minus the cost of labor.
  • Overheads & profits (O&P) are usually displayed as a percentage of a job. Overheads are operating expenses, and profits are the contractor’s or business’s living or earnings.
  • Real cash value (RCV) is the adjusted amount plus sales tax and O&P.

To ensure labor minimums are applied correctly:

  1. In an open estimate, select the Estimate Items tab.
  2. Select Labor Minimums.
  3. Check or uncheck the Apply? box, in the last column of the table.

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