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Sometimes it isn't easy to find what you are looking for. Use these tips to improve your search results and find the replacement item faster.

  •  Use keywords: Enter product keywords in the search bar to improve your search results. Each key word or phrase is added after you press Enter.
  • Choose your suppliers: You can limit your search result to specific suppliers by expanding the list of suppliers and clicking the name of the supplier you want to select. You can also choose your favorite vendors by clicking the star next to the vendor's name. You can sort by your favorite vendors.
  • Search a different category: When the search loads, it only loads items linked to the Xactware item code. To expand the search results to items not linked to this code, click Categories, click Show All, and select the new search category. Clicking Show All will reset all of your search parameters except for the address. Be careful using this feature if you want to keep any search terms already entered.
  • Change how items are sorted: You can sort the items by price, distance, unit, or favorite vendor. The search results are automatically sorted by "Price Ascending." This means that the items are listed from low to high.

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