Material Discounts

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The new Material Discounts feature in Xactimate Admin allows profile owners to set special material discounts. When the rules are set in Admin, the discount information is added to an inspection rule in Xactimate online and desktop. 

Set discounts in Xactimate Admin 

If you are a profile owner, you can create material discounts by following a series of simple steps. 

  1. Log in to Admin using your Xactimate ID and password. 
  2. Select Profiles from the short menu on the left side of the page. 
  3. If you own only one profile, that profile automatically opens. If you own more than one profile, a list of your profiles appears. Select the profile you need to edit from that list. 
  4. A new page with various options opens. Select the Discounts tab. 
  5. Click the Add New Discount button, which is directly above the right side of the table. 
  1. A short form appears on the right of the page asking for information about a new material discount. Name the discount, choose a country, and select the state or province in which this discount applies. You can only add one material discount per state or province, but you can set a discount that applies across all states and provinces. 
  2. Specify the type of material or specific item that will use this discount. To add a specific item, enter the full CAT/SEL code (e.g., RFG220). To include every item in a category, enter the category code followed by an asterisk (e.g., RFG*). You may enter more than one item or category by hitting enter between codes. 
  3. Set a percentage discount. 
  4. Click Save. The form window automatically closes. 

Material discounts in Xactimate online 

Once this information is set in Xactimate Admin, it will be used by the Adjust Component Prices inspection rule in Xactimate. When this rule is triggered, it notifies users that discounts are available, and lets the user choose whether to apply these discounts. You can see these in an open project in the Inspection Wizard, which is accessible in the Complete tab after you select Submit Required Information. To apply individual discounts, select Apply. To apply all discounts, select Apply All, which is located at the top of the list. Discounts can only be applied in Xactimate; setting the appropriate percentage is only configurable in Xactimate Admin. 


All component price variations, which are highlighted in green, are visible in the Estimate Items tab, under Component. 


Remove discounts in Xactimate Admin 

Back in Admin, you can delete material discounts from the discounts table or from the discount creation form. 

From the table: 

  1. Hover over the discount row. On the far-right of the row, a trash icon appears. Click the icon. 
  1. A message appears asking you to confirm that you want to delete the discount. Click YES. 

In the form: 

  1. Click on the discount row. The form you used to create the discount appears. 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the form. 
  3. Click Delete Discount, which is located on the bottom left of the form. 

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