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Notifications inform you of new tasks, provide additional information about assignments, notify you of updates from Xactware, and more.

Notifications are available in Xactimate online and Xactimate desktop (X1).

Notifications list

The notifications icon displays the number of unread notifications in the top right corner. Click on the notification icon to open the notification list.

To dismiss a notification, click the X on the top right corner of the notification card. To mark a notification as Actioned, click on the card. You can also click Dismiss All at the bottom of the drawer to dismiss all notifications. Click History to view past notifications.

Notification history

When you click History in the Notification list, a new window opens, where the 50 latest notifications are displayed. Click Load More or scroll to the bottom of the list to view the next 50 notifications.

When a notification is actioned or dismissed, a label appears in the bottom right corner of the card.

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