Set parameters in Xactimate online (Silverlight)

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These instructions are for the Internet Explorer version of Xactimate online. For up-to-date information on the new Xactimate online, check out our latest articles.

In Xactimate, you can control the outcome of your estimate by adjusting the parameters. Follow the steps below to access parameters.

  1. Open an estimate.
  2. On the Claim Info tab, click Parameters.

Adjustable parameters are divided into three categories: Pricing, Add Ons, and Report Text.


In the Pricing category, you can select how your estimate will be priced. You can set price list information, designate the job as a new construction, and indicate whether the repairs will be made by the homeowner or a contractor.

You can also set a default activity for the estimate. For example, if you are a contractor and you only perform the tear down, you could set the default activity to – Remove, so that installation and replacement costs are not included in your estimate.

Add Ons

In the Add Ons category, you can declare and adjust any extras that could affect the estimate, such as depreciation, overhead and profit, and market conditions.

Report Text

In the Report Text category you can define a header, opening statement, and closing statement. For the opening and closing statement, you can select from available model statements or click Edit to write your own.

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