Creating and opening estimates in Xactimate online

Updated 1 year ago by Bethany W.

Create a new project in the Dashboard window

  1. On the Control Center, click Dashboard.
  2. At the top of the Recent Projects pane, type a unique name for a new project, or continue to step 3 and Xactimate will automatically assign a number (based on the date and time the estimate is created) to the project.
  3. Click the Add New Project arrow, and select a project type.
  4. Click the profile list and select an insurance profile.
  5. Click Add New Project.  

Open a project

  1. On the Control Center tab, in the Recent Projects pane search box, type the project name.
  2. Click Open Existing Project.  

Open a recent project

  1. On the Control Center tab, double click the project you want to open.
  2. You can filter projects by typing the project name or a portion of the project name in the Recent Projects name field.

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