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The Sketch tool in Xactimate online and Xactimate desktop is very similar, so the X1 Sketch HelpDocs are an excellent way to help you navigate this powerful tool. Each of the links below takes you to a collection of how-to documentation to help you navigate Sketch. 

  • Rooms. Learn to create, resize, or copy and paste rooms inside Sketch. Also create room offsets, edit grouping codes, and more. 
  • Walls. Learn more about sketching walls, adding curves, creating different wall types, and more. 
  • Windows. Learn how to Sketch, edit, and remove various window types in Sketch. 
  • Ceilings. Learn to use peaked, sloped, tray, hip, and octagonal ceilings. 
  • Stairs. Learn to create, edit, and otherwise interact with various types of stairs. 
  • Railings and balustrades. Learn to add and edit railings and balustrades both in a house and for a deck. 
  • Roofs. Learn to implement the various roofing options from overhang and slope to dormers and truss spacing. 

Not what you’re looking for? Review all our documentation on Sketch

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