Critical profile owner information

Updated 9 months ago by Jill Bowers

Welcome to Xactimate Admin. Xactimate Admin helps profile owners make changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of every user that uses their profile. Changes made in Xactimate Admin will apply immediately to everyone estimating in your profile in Xactimate/XactContents online and the latest versions of Xactimate desktop and mobile. 

If you have questions about how a feature works, try: 

  1. Visiting our help documentation
  2. Testing your changes in our Beta environment 
  3. Reaching out to your Xactware representative 

Special step for Depreciation Defaults 

While you review your depreciation defaults before saving them, pay special attention to state defaults and ensure that every default is accurate. Missing or incorrect state default information can cause faulty information to be used in projects, and there is no systematic way to correct them. Settings previously configured via Xactware data update or in the previous version of Xactimate online are not automatically added to the new Xactimate Admin.  

If you own an Xactware profile and don't see it in Xactimate Admin, contact your Xactware representative to be configured as a profile owner. 

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