Add items to a room below stairs

Updated 2 months ago by Bethany W.

The Estimate Items Grouping pane doesn’t distinguish between the staircase and the room below the staircase. Follow these steps to add items to the room below the stairs.

  1. In the estimate, click Estimate Items.
  2. Click Items, and select the line item you wish to view.
  3. In the Grouping pane, select the staircase or the room the staircase is in.
  4. In the Quick Entry pane, enter a category and selector for the line item. 
  5. Click Calculator. On the right side of the Calculator dialog box, you will see a list of subrooms.

  6. Xactimate considers each landing or segment of stair a separate subroom.

  7. Select a variable. The variable will appear in the entry box.
    • To place the item above the stairs, type the subroom number for the stairs after the variable.
    • To place the item below the stairs, type BS (for below stairs) after the variable followed by the subroom number.
  8. For example: If I’m adding carpeting to the room below the stairs, I would select the variable F and then type BS1 after the F in the entry box. If I were adding it above the stairs, I would select F and then type 1.

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