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Change the default settings of the Control Center Dashboard panes

  • To move the default pane positions to your preference, click the top blue bar of the pane and begin dragging it.
    • Arrows will appear in the center of your window and at all four edges. Drop the pane over the arrow that corresponds with the desired position.
  • To auto hide the pane, click the auto hide button on the upper right of the pane.
  • To resize the pane, click and drag the edges of the pane.
  • To remove the pane from the Control Center Dashboard view, click Close  on the upper right of the pane.

Open a project

  1. On the Control Center tab, in the Recent Projects pane search box, type the project name.
  2. Click Open Existing Project.  

Open a recent project

  • On the Control Center tab, double-click the project that you want to open.
  • You can filter projects by typing the project name or a portion of the project name in the Recent Projects name field.

Create a new project in the Dashboard window

  1. On the Control Center, click Dashboard.
  2. In the Recent Projects pane, type a unique name for the project, or continue to step 2 and Xactimate will automatically assign a number (based on the date and time created) to the project.
  3. Click the Add New Project arrow, and select a project type.
  4. Click the profile list and select an insurance profile.
  5. Click Add New Project.  

Restore the Dashboard default view settings

If the Dashboard window has been modified, you can return it to the default look (Recent Projects pane in the upper left, Projects Preview pane in the upper right, and XactAnalysis Communications pane at the bottom).

  1. On the Xactimate tab, click Options.
  2. In the View group, click Reset Dashboard Views.

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