Access locked estimates

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Your estimate may be locked by collaboration, by another user, or it may be locked by your own Xactware ID.

The estimate is locked by collaboration (most common)

When an estimate has been checked out for collaboration, only the collaborator may do work on the estimate. If you try to work on a collaboration that is in progress, the estimate will be locked.

To confirm the status of the project, click the Projects tab, and right-click the assignment to open the Project Information dialog box. Changes to the assignment status are logged in the Project Notes box. If the collaboration is in progress, cancel or complete it to remove the lock.

The estimate is locked by another user

Either another user has the estimate open, or another user had the estimate open and an unexpected error occurred. The estimate will unlock when the user closes it or if the estimate remains idle for 60 minutes.

If you need immediate access to the estimate, open a read-only or duplicate copy of the estimate. Any data saved to the duplicate will need to be copied to the original when it is accessible.

The estimate is locked by your own Xactware ID

Sometimes, if the browser crashes, or if you exit Xactimate Online without first logging out, you will not be able to open the estimate.

To unlock the estimate, open Xactimate Online, and click Log Out.

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