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Updated 11 months ago by Jill Bowers

You can track items that need to be replaced, cleaned, or otherwise attended to by adding them as estimate items inside Xactimate. There are various ways to do this, and a great deal of information that you can include with each item. 

The easiest way to add a line item is to use the Quick Entry Pane. We have many articles that can help you orient yourself with this tool, which is important because many of the tasks you complete for estimates will include the Quick Entry pane. 

The following documentation can help you get the most out of Estimate Items. 

  • Edit line items in the Quick Entry pane. Learn to understand where to find the Quick Entry pane and how to edit pieces of line items, including CAT/SEL, Depreciation, and more. 
  • View or hide line items. Learn to find where to enter line items and make them disappear. 
  • Edit line item properties. Learn where to find and how to use the Item property editor. 
  • Adjust depreciation calculations. Learn to change the depreciation of an item (or Depr) in the Quick Entry pane. 
  • Use formulas to calculate line item prices. Learn to calculate line items by using formulas inside of the Quick Entry pane. 
  • Add an item not included in the price list. Learn to add new items by using the Misc. Item tool in the Quick Entry pane. 
  • Adjust the calculation of an item by quantity, unit, or price. Learn to adjust the calculation for an item. 
  • Set salvage or restoration details. Learn to select salvage types for line items. 

Not what you’re looking for, or want to learn more about Estimate Items outside of the Quick Entry pane? Review all our documentation on Estimate Items. 

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